Department Name:Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Event Name:BLOCK-ADE

Event Description:The objective of this activity is to engage three participants in a fun and interactive game where they will take turns assuming the roles of answering questions, rolling dice, and asking questions. Through this game, the participants will have an opportunity to learn more about each other’s interests, opinions, and personalities, while also having a good time. The game can be used as an icebreaker or team-building activity, and it is designed to promote collaboration, communication, and social interaction among participants.

Rules & Regulations:

1] One member will answer the question, another one member will move on the board,

Remaining one student will roll the dice.

2] 3 Life lines     

Stage 1 – 1 life line to be used                           

Stage 2- 2 lifeline to be used                            

Stage 3- no life line

Registration Amount:100/-

Student coordinator (Name & Contact NO): Miss.Ankita H (6364505126)

Faculty coordinator (Name & Contact No):Prof.Priyanka K. (709157878), Prof.Akshata P. (9482303086).