Event Name:


Event Description:With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students. A Solo Dance Competition was organised for.

Rules & Regulations:

• Time limit: 3-5 minutes (including set-up and clearance time).

• The track should be submitted beforehand in MP3format.

• Any religion, caste or language cannot be highlighted

• No language barriers for the track.

• Participants Registration should be done before.

• Unavoidable circumstances related to any track or act will be disqualified.

• One should report at the given time if not punctual no representative will look after it they will be directly disqualified in case of absence during the event.

• Judges decision will be final

Registration Amount:Rs. 200

Student coordinators (Name & Contact NO):

Hrutik Khot: 7337701108

Sakshi Sadalge: 9886359108

Faculty coordinators (Name & Contact No):

Dr. Raghavendra P.Bakale: 9008044448

Prof. Darshan Katageri: 8792529101