Objective: Every now and then you see one minute show in television, it is a tedious task and the participant accepts it as a challenge.

The participants will be asked to basket the ball.


Basket the Ball is a very fun game. It is really fun to play.

Here is a chance for our participants to feel the heat of balancing the ball with the bats within 1 minute and basket the ball.

Rules & Regulations

  • The participants will be given Table Tennis Ball and Table Tennis Bats.
  • They have to Balance the Ball with the help of Bat and basket it within 1 minute.
  • The Ball should not touch the ground, if it happens the team will lose the game.
  • Participation – Minimum 2 Members.
  • Time Limit for the game: 1 minute.


MBA Department Class Room A- 302 (MBA wing)


  • 4 TT Bats & 2 TT Balls.

Registration Amount

2 members Rs. 50/- (Rs. 25 from each Member)

Student Coordinators: Rushikesh Balekundri (8497813181)