Event Name: KA22HATke

Event Description:  A wireless robot within the specified dimensions that can operated manually and can travel through all turns of the track. The robot that will complete the specified task in least time will be the winner. Think your robot can overcome any obstacle-big or small in the least of time.

Rules & Regulations:

ROBOT SPECIFICATIONS:                                                          

1) The maximum dimension of the robot can be 25 cm x 20cm x15 cm (l x b x h).

2) The robot must be wireless.

3) Maximum weight must not exceed 3 kg. 5) The participants will be provided with 220 Volts, 50Hz standard AC supply. Participants will have to themselves arrange for adaptor or batteries.

4) The machine must not be made from Lego parts, or any ready-made kit, if we find such machine it will be disqualified.


1) This is racing event so fastest and most balanced robot will win.

2) Robot should be as per the given specifications.

3) Each team must have 2 members.

4) Each member of the team must contain the identity card of his/her respected institute.

5) The robot should not damage the arena.

6) No test practice will be allowed on the arena.

7) The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run; else it will result in disqualification

8) Unethical behavior could lead to disqualification. Faculty co-coordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event.

9) Judge’s decision will be considered final.

Registration Amount: Rs 200/-

Student coordinator(Name & Contact NO):

Mr. Prajwal Palled-9513190384

Faculty coordinator(Name & Contact No):

Prof. Shahak Patil-9742424252

Prof. Ashwini Araballi- 99167 45379