Event Name:


Event Description: Groupdance refers to simultaneous choreographed dances performed in groups of three or more people.

Rules & Regulations:

• Team size: 6-10 members.

• Time limit: 6-8min (including set-up and clearance time).

• Teams comprising of participants from different colleges in one team is not allowed.

• Usage of props that are hazardous to people and the surroundings are not allowed on the stage and could lead to disqualification.

• The track should be submitted beforehand in MP3format.

• Any religion, caste or language cannot be highlighted.

• No language barriers for the track.

• The songs and costumes selected should be decent.

• Unavoidable circumstances related to any track or act will be disqualified.

• The whole team should report at the given time if the team is not punctual no representative will be looked after it they will be directly disqualified in case of absence during the event.

• Judges decision will be final.

Registration Amount: Rs. 500

Student coordinators (Name & Contact NO):

Namita M Patil: 9164536858

Ankita B H: 6364505126

Faculty coordinators (Name & Contact No):

Dr. Raghavendra P.Bakale: 9008044448

Prof. Shafiqahmed: 9739078482