Department Name: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Event Name: TEC-DETECT

Event Description: The objective of the image detection quiz event is to test participants’ knowledge and skills in image recognition and classification. Through a series of multiple-choice questions, participants will be presented with various images and will need to correctly identify and classify the objects or elements within them. This event aims to challenge participants’ visual perception and analytical skills, while also providing an interactive and engaging activity that promotes learning and knowledge retention. By participating in the image detection quiz event, participants will have the opportunity to develop their image recognition and classification abilities, while also competing with their peers in a fun and challenging environment.

Rules & Regulations:

3 Rounds     

1) Entertainment round

2) General knowledge round

3) Technical round

Registration Amount: 50/-

Student coordinator (Name & Contact NO): Mr. Rutvik Gune(6364261896)

Faculty coordinator (Name & Contact No):Prof.Laxmi B (9591421638), Prof.Nagraj A (6361566137).