This event consists of 3 rounds

Team limit – minimum 3 , maximum 4 members

Registration fee: 150 per group

Day 1:

Round 1: (Time slot-1:30mins)

•Pen and paper round:

This round consists of 25 questions which are to be solved in 30 mins

(Half of the teams will be eliminated in this round, it consists of questions related to Tech, current trends in software, technology and Brainstorming puzzles)

Round 2: (1:30mins)

•Debug the code:

The selected teams will have to debug the given code , first 10 teams to do so will be selected to 3rd round which is the final round.

(This round will be held in the department computer lab but Participants are requested to carry their laptop in case of backup)

Day 2: (2 hours minimum)

Round 3: (Final round)

•Code hunt:

-Through an app questions will be generated and on cracking the code the hint will be displayed for the next phase  and so on.One who finds the treasure will be the Winner.

-Each team will be having a volunteer appointed by us.

-If unable to crack the code, then the participants will have to perform a task assigned by their respective team volunteer and on completion of the task the hint will be disclosed.