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The department of civil engineering was established in the year 2010. The department believes in high quality teaching instructions at both UG and PG levels. The department is actively involved in research & development & consultancy providing high quality technical assistance to cater the need of the society such as Jal Jeevan Mission, Govt. of India, Building Estimation etc. It has excellent and well equipped advanced laboratories which include CAD Lab, Material Testing, Concrete & Highway Technology, Survey, Hydraulics, Geology, Geo-Tech Engineering & Structural Dynamics laboratories. All laboratories are reinforced with modern tools & equipments. The department has highly qualified & experienced faculties with a blend of experience in teaching & industry. Staff members focus on outcome base education theory which helps the students to achieve the intended goal and make them cater to take up the challenges as per the Industry needs.
The department has got VTU 3rd rank in UG program in 2011-12. Department has Association of Civil Engineers (ACE) through which various technical & cultural co-curricular activities are conducted. ACE provides a platform for the students to showcase their skills &helps in their overall development. Department has research collaboration with National Institute of Technology (NITK), Surathkal Mangalore and IIT Madras.
Master of Technology (M.Tech)
The course in M. Tech (Construction Technology) aims at making a Civil Engineer well equipped with tools of construction management and technology. The students are getting VTU ranks continuously from last 6 years including gold medal.

Courses Offered

Sl. NoCourseLevelSanctioned Intake
1Civil Engineering
Under Graduate90
2Construction Technology
Post Graduate24
3Recognized as Research Center under VTUPh.DNA

Vision & Mission

To transform students into responsible professionals, by nurturing innovation, technical competence and entrepreneurship through value based education.

  • Imparting the knowledge of civil engineering and allied fields.
  • Inculcate managerial skills and encourage students to use technology to address the needs and challenges of industry and society.
  • Imbibing adaptability, innovation, professional and entrepreneurial qualities in graduates for sustainable development of society
  • To engage in analysis and design of civil engineering structures and allied engineering fields.
  • To solve problems of social relevance by applying the knowledge of Civil Engineering.
  • To work effectively as an individual and as a team member in multidisciplinary projects.
  • To engage in life-long learning, career enhancement, higher education, entrepreneurship and adapt to the changes in the professional & societal needs.
  • Survey, map & plan layouts for civil engineering structures.
  • Specify, design, supervise, test and evaluate the foundations and superstructures for Residences, Commercial, Public, Industrial Buildings and Infrastructural Projects
  • Analyze, design, estimate and evaluate water storage and conveying systems.
  • Formulate and Develop environmental engineering systems



Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Sanjeev Sangami

Assoc. Professor & HOD

Dr. Sachin M Kulkarni

Associate Professor & Dean Academics.

Prof. Ravi U.Angadi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Priyanka S. Shinde

Assistant Professor

Prof. Balasaheb Jamadar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Naresh V Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Rohit Malwade

Assistant Professor

Prof. Rajashekhar Malagihal

Assistant Professor

Prof. Amey A. Kelkar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Mahaboobali Nadaf

Assistant Professor

Prof.Shashank U Vanakudri

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vidyasagar V. Moogi

Assistant Professor

Dr.Nityanand S Kudachimath

Assistant Professor

Prof. Varsha Gokak

Assistant Professor

Prof.Shreetej Gurjarr

Assistant Professor

Prof. Darshan A. Narasgoud

Assistant Professor

Prof. Fatheali A Shilar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Nishigandha Rathod

Assistant Professor

Prof. Arvind Kolaki

Assistant Professor

Technical Staff

Mr. Ashish Makanadar


Mr. Gajanan Melge


Mr. Parashram Holkar


Mr. Shivalingayya Hiremath


Mr. Anand Gokavi



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Recognitions & Achievements

 University Rank Holder for the year 2020-21
 University Rank Holders for M.Tech 2020-21
 Gate Qualifiers 2021

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