Research & Innovation

Research is an integral component in an institute of higher learning. It is well known that research is important to bring latest knowledge into the class room.
The system approach at JCE provides ample opportunities to students at all levels to get involved in research that exploits the multidisciplinary educational base emerging out of the broad-based integrated education in engineering, sciences and management.
Strong emphasis is laid on interdisciplinary, mission-oriented and relevant research. JCE supports all faculty members to participate in research to progress and achieve institute vision statement.
The Mission of the Institute is to foster creativity among students by engaging them in an active research projects at various levels. The IPR cell assists and coordinates with the processes involved.


Research Centers

SL. No.Research centersExpert AreaNo. of SupervisorsNo. of Scholars
1Civil Engineering1.Environmental Engineering.2. Structural Engineering.22
2E&C Engineering1.Embedded System & IOT 2.Image Processing, 3.ASIC Design 4.Machine Learning / Deep Neural Network 5.UAV Path finding 6.Antenna Design 7.Computer Architecture21
3E&E Engineering1.ANN Application to Power System18
4Mechanical Engineering1.Composite Materials and Plastics 2.FEA Simulation & CFD Analysis 3.Material Characterization and Analysis 4.3D Printing 5. IC Engine & Alternative Fuels. 6.Flame Structure and Stability Analysis 7.Design Simulation and Vibration Analysis79
5Computer Science & Engineering1. Cyber Security 2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 3. Cloud Computing210
6Mathematics1.Graph Theory22

Funding Agencies

Open Call for Proposals

Consultancy/ Sponsored Research / Lab Setup

12018JCE Power System LaboratoryVGST, Govt of Karnataka20 LakhsCompleted
22018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Developers1560Completed
32018TMT Steel TestingVijaya Construction Developers4728Completed
42018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Devlopers1500Completed
52018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Devlopers390Completed
62018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Devlopers780Completed
72018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Devlopers780Completed
82018Cube TestingVijaya Construction Devlopers390Completed
92018Cube TestingTrue Build Engineering & cone390Completed
102018Soil TestingMr Vittal Halgekar780Completed
112018Mix Design & TMT TestingThe Chief officer, Sankeshwar10165Completed
122018Mix Design & Cube TestingP.R Nandgavi4678Completed
132018Cube TestingSharad Heda390Completed
142018Cube TestingThe Regise2640Completed
152018Cube TestingLaxminarayan devasthan330Completed
162018Soil Testingsagar huddar780Completed
172018cube TestingLaxminarayan devasthan330Completed
182018cube Testingsharad Heda330Completed
192018cube Testingsharad Heda330Completed
202018Mix DesignKarnataka State Urban Co-operative Banks federation8560Completed
212018Cube Testingsharad Heda330Completed
222018Cube TestingBalaji Concrets330Completed
232018soil TestingJayaraj Construction780Completed
242018cube TestingSangoli rayanna Mueseum Project350Completed
252018TMT Steel TestingSangoli rayanna Mueseum Project788Completed
262019cube TestingBG Godse Engg class-I3210Completed
272019cube Testinglaxminarayan devasthan330Completed
282019cube TestingThe Registrar VTU320Completed
292019Soil Testingvijaya Construction Devlopers3340Completed
302019Mix designACME Cleantech solutions4500Completed
312019Cube Testinglaxminarayan devasthan660Completed
322019Cube TestingIndian Oil Corporation ltd330Completed
332019Bricks TestingIndian Oil Corporation ltd400Completed
342019solid BlockThe Registrar VTU400Completed
352019Bricks Testingindian Oil Corporation ltd400Completed
362019cube Testingindian Oil Corporation ltd330Completed
372019cube Testingindian Oil Corporation ltd330Completed
382019cube Testingindian Oil Corporation ltd330Completed
392019cube Testingvijaya Construction Devlopers1200Completed
402019Steel testingBSR Infratech India Ltd,Belgaum788Completed
412019cement testingBSR Infratech India Ltd,Belgaum2400Completed
422019cube TestingThe Registrar VTU780Completed
432019silt contentGHO Infra devlopers300Completed
442019cube Testing & cement testingBSR Infratech India Ltd,Belgaum4600Completed
452019cement testing & sand testingBB Patil Civil Contractors2800Completed
462019cube testingThe registrar VTU3120Completed
472019Mix designMEC power infra pvt ltd6500Completed
482019Cement and Sand TestingThe Registrar VTU14370Completed
492019Cement TestingThe Registrar VTU15500Completed
502019cement and cube TestingBB Patil Civil Contractors2780Completed
512019SBC testingRM chougale Belgaum1800Completed
522019Cube TestingShivkumar Wali390Completed
532019Cube TestingShivkumar Wali390Completed
542019Cube TestingShivkumar Wali390Completed
552019cement , cube and steel TestBB Patil Civil Contractors3100Completed
562019Cube TestingThe registrar VTU780Completed
572019Soil TestingDirector,Airport Authority of India1000Completed
582019cement testingManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd3000Completed
592019Soil TestingJayaraj Construction780Completed
602019Cube TestingShivkumar Wali390Completed
612019Cube TestingManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd330Completed
622020Soil TestingA H Patel Consultancy1576Completed
632020Burnt BricksManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd400Completed
642020Cube TestingManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd330Completed
652020Soil TestingManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd1560Completed
662020soil TestingIIITD Belgaum chapter Khanapur Road1280Completed
672020Mix DesignManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd15000Completed
682020Water TestingManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd5950Completed
692020Cement Block TestingSai Bricks Yaragatti530Completed
702020Soil TestingAminbhavi and Hegde Consultancy4900Completed
712020Soil TestingYankee Constructions Banglore780Completed
722020Soil TestingManish Constructions company1560Completed
732020Soil TestingJS Pvt Ltd2700Completed
742020Soil TestingShri Prasad NP2340Completed
752020Fine AggregateAst .Executive Engg Hidkal Dam1800Completed
762020Soil TestingRaghvendra Shetty Township Dandeli780Completed
772020Tiles and Granaite concrete coreAryan Constructions6000Completed
782020soil TestingRavindra P Kadam1560Completed
792020All TestingSri Ravindranath const Pvt Ltd12500Completed
802020Mix design and MDDM D Rathod Construction3450Completed
812020cube TestingYankee Constructions Banglore4230Completed
822020All TestingSri Ravindranath const Pvt Ltd3960Completed
832020Water TestingPrasad NP Banglore30000Completed
842020All TestingPrasad NP Banglore3000Completed
852020All TestingEx Director KRIES banglore22300Completed
862020Material TestingEx Director KRIES banglore22300Completed
872020Material TestingBenka Devlopers Kappalaguddi11000Completed
882020Material TestingBenka const Mantur11000Completed
892020OMC and MDDManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd780Completed
902020WMM testingR nagraj Ramthirth Nagar Belgaum4060Completed
912020Cube TestingDayanand Mossur Engineers and Contractors7260Completed
922020GSD Mix DesignManaging Director Belgaum Smart city Ltd8000Completed
932021Soil TestingM/s Sidhhi homes shahpur Belgaum1280Completed
942021Material TestingSri Yallappa Bhajantri4200Completed
952021Steel testingInfra Supports Engg and Consultants4000Completed
962021Soil TestingM/s Sidhhi homes shahpur Belgaum1720Completed
972021Soil TestingIH Castings Pvt Ltd Belgaum2840Completed
982021Soil TestingRamagoda Patil Balekundri2060Completed
992021Mix DesignThe Belgaum Smart city Ltd4330Completed
1002021Cube TestingAst .Executive Engg Khanapur990Completed
1012021Soil TestingInfra Supports Engg and Consultants780Completed
1022021Soil Testing & Mix DesignEx Director KRIES banglore5360Completed
1032021Mix DesignYankee Constructions Banglore8000Completed
1042021Material TestingEx Director KRIES banglore30000Completed
1052021Material TestingAppaji Builders20340Completed
1062021Material TestingAEE KRIES Beneka Constructions Kappalguddi39600Completed
1072021Material TestingAEE KRIES Beneka Constructions Mantur33100Completed
1082021Cement mortar CubeRamagoda Patil Balekundri660Completed
1092021cube testingSri Sagan vadagaon10200Completed
1102021Soil TestingAEE & FW Engineering Sub Divison belgaum1000Completed
1112021Detailed Project reportInfra Support and Engineering328702Completed
1122021cube TestingInfinity group belgaum330Completed
1132021Soil TestingIrfan ahmed shaikh2560Completed
1142021Material TestingKRIES P.B shindgeri6500Completed
1152021Soil TestingBelgaum Infra Build780Completed
1162021Soil Testing and Sieve AnalysisManaging Director M/s BB Patil6370Completed
1172021Steel testingEx Director KRIES banglore3250Completed
1182021Cube ReportSri Dayanand Massur3300Completed
1192021Mix DesignEx Director KRIES banglore8000Completed
1202021Cube ReportEx Director KRIES banglore13800Completed
1212021Paver BlocksGirinath Petroleum Nesargi660Completed
1222021Material TestingKRIES Banglore Constructions Kappalguddi17200Completed
1232021Material TestingKRIES , Benka Constructions Mantur26100Completed
1242021Material TestingMr Suresh Vijaypura8600Completed
1252021Material TestingAppaji Builders20620Completed
1262021Cube TestingAst Executive Engg PWDSB khanapur Belgaum1200Completed
1272021Sieve AnalysisPrecision Engg 391 MG Road Belgaum330Completed
1282021Cube TestingGirinath Petroleum Nesargi660Completed
1292021Cube TestingEx Director KRIES banglore13200Completed
1302021Mix DesignM/s Madhuveer enterprise7280Completed
1312021Material TestingBLS Infra Structures Banglore15550Completed
1322021Paver Cube TestingGirinath Petroleum Nesargi1650Completed
1332021Soil TestPurushottam Tapadiya Belgaum780Completed
1342021Cube TestingPrasad NP Banglore6800Completed
1352021Cube TestingBLS Infra Structures Banglore1590Completed
1362021Cube TestingBLS Infra Structures Banglore330Completed
1372021Cube TestingBLS Infra Structures Banglore330Completed
1382021Cube TestingBLS Infra Structures Banglore330Completed
1392021Soil ReportsG-cube Consultants Dharwad4800Completed
1402021Cube ReportBLS Infra Structures Banglore330Completed
1412021Mix designVinayak and Prashant Raut3000Completed
1422021Soil TestProf Rajashekhar M..S1500Completed
1432021Soil TestProf Rajashekhar M..S and Vinayak Raut800Completed
1442021Soil TestDevendra Narasgoudi800Completed
1452021Soil TestLal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalaya managutti1000Completed
1462022Material TestingBB Patil Civil Contractors13800Completed
1472022Cube ReportDev Engineers 307 BC, MumbaiCompleted
1482022Soil Test and Cube TestHotel Vaishnavi Kakati Belgaum1110Completed
1492022Paver TestingPDO Parishwad330Completed
1502022Soil TestingChairman, Siddeshwar Education Trust Deshanur1560Completed
1512022Rebound Hammer TestBelgaum Infra Build2700Completed
1522022Material TestingKarnataka slum devlopment Board Belgaum7330Completed
1532022Steel testingSB Sutagatti Contractor4680Completed
1542022Steel testingAM Badale4680Completed
1552022Soil TestingArulraj T Amarnagar Hubbali780Completed
1562022Cube,Cement,steel,NDTDev Engineers 307 BC, MumbaiCompleted
1572022Soil TestingG-cube Consultants Dharwad3740Completed
1582022Soil TestingPoornima Mahantesh Narasannavar Gokak1560Completed
1592022Cube TestingHotel Vaishnavi Kakati Belgaum830Completed
1602022Soil TestingManjushri M & Praveenkumar Pujar5600Completed
1612022Detailed Project reportInfra Support and Engineering539514Completed

Publications of the last 3 years

Sl. NoDepartmentPublications
1Civil EngineeringClick here
2Computer Science & EngineeringClick here
3Electronics & Communicatio EngineeringClick here
4Electrical & Electronics EngineeringClick here
5Mechanical EngineeringClick here
5Basic SciencesClick here