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At the Department of MBA at Jain College of Engineering, we have a forward-looking and industry-integrated academic program. Emphasis is given on knowledge and training as per industry requirement along with entrepreneurialism foundation. We have faculty from varied backgrounds with highest standards of teaching and mentoring. The insights and knowledge we generate become an integral part of the modern, flexible, and action-based educational environment for our students.

Courses Offered

Sl. NoCourseLevelSanctioned Intake
1Master in Business Administration
Post Graduate120

Vision & Mission

To provide quality education and training in the field of management leading to talent transformation and build managerial competency in catering corporate requirements.

  • Incorporating recent development and learning environment to develop attitude of life-long learning among students.
  • Instilling ethical, moral and social responsibilities.
  • To foster entrepreneurial skills amongst students.
  • To prepare our students as academically, professionally and resourceful graduates who add value to their professional and civic communities.
  • To expose students with case studies, guest lectures, simulation and practical projects.
  • To make students learn the appropriate framework for solving the problems at the workplace and independently analyse and make decisions.
  • To give students an insight on analytical methods used in research, statistics and financials of the company so that they become continuously employable.
  1. Students are given sufficient theoretical knowledge and are enabled to apply them to solve practical problems in business and other organizations/institutions.
  2. Students are trained with effective communication skills with a high degree of lateral and critical thinking that enhances learning ability and make them continuously employable.
  3. Students are instilled with leadership qualities, ethically sound, enabled with decision making skills that reflect a high degree of social consciousness.
  4. Students are trained for sustained research orientation to comprehend a growingly complex, economic, legal and ethical environment.
  5. Students are equipped with self sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourages calculated risk taking.
  6. The student will be able to analyse the Economy, Industry and Company framework and access the risks involved in Investment activity.
  7. The student will be able to analyse organizational environment and develop personality traits for self and others for development of the organisation
  8. The student will be able to identify the psychological and behavioral practices and use for marketing communication to enhance customer behaviour.


Department of Mater of Business Administration

Dr. S.RohitRaj

Associate Professor & HOD


Associate Professor

Prof. Rashmi Y Harti

Assistant Professor

Prof. Varun Jewargi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Raviprakash Phattepur

Assistant Professor

Prof. Faiz Raut

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vaibhav P. Veeragoudar

Assistant Professor

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Students in MBA program gain the opportunity to acquire practical business knowledge, test, and prove themselves even before they graduate, thanks to various events, internships and industry projects throughout their academic years

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