Energy Literacy Cell (ELC)
1. To get awareness of energy consumptions.
2. To get awareness of individual carbon foot print.
3. To get adopt alternatives to save energy consumptions.
4. To get awareness on the impacts of energy use on the environment.
5. To get awareness of the size of solar panel installment for fulfilling their own needs.

ELC Members

The following staffs have been nominated for the Energy Literacy Cell. They have been instructed to act in their respective roles and responsibilities.
Sl.NoNameDesignationContact No.
1Dr. J. ShivakumarChairman, Principal & Director8085789651
2Prof. Laxmi BrungiConvener9591421638
3Prof. Madhvi MagiMember8105350151
4Prof. Manjula KalyanshettiMember7338442401
5Prof.Pooja GadkariMember9164569123
6Prof. Vidya HadimaniMember9986693224
9Prof. Akshata PatilMember9482303086
10Prof. Sahana DevaliMember9663179630

Student Members

Sl.NoNameDepartmentContact No.Role
1Ramanagouda PatilEE6361436274Member
2Sameer KilledarEE9739374956Member
3Priyanka JamakhandiEE9110879870Member
4Prerana IngalagiEE7349019561Member
5Sadiq DesaiEE9901572844Member
6Samreen DesaiEE9731414648Member
7Shashank MathapatiCV8296254675Member
8Akanksha SaverkarCV7483335805Member
9Harsha RampurCS8197775055Member
10Sneha BhoviCS8197906912Member
11Prashanth BoteEC8971721183Member
12Vardhaman VhanawadeEC8904106045Member
13Aishwarya TME8867531497Member
14Surya KamkarME9538641511Member
15Shweta MunavalliMBA9686754212Member
16Zenith MudabagliMBA7829198619Member

Activities Planned

Tasks Planned for the Academic year 2023-24 are as follows,
1. To get course on Energy Literacy Training with Certificate.
2. Poster Presentation competition for students year wise.
3. Planned to have Energy Literacy Campaign at local schools to share awareness of energy consumption.

Swaraj Energy Foundation

Prof. Chetansingh Salunke from IIT Bombay, is the founder of Swaraj Energy Foundation. He has mission to give awareness of energy consumptions and he has prepared energy clock. Lets join with him and contribute something from our end by taking course on Energy Literacy Training and spreading awareness about energy consumptions.