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I am privileged to offer you a warm welcome to Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi.
The discipline of Electronics & Communication Engineering is a most dynamically changing and ever evolving branch. This is truer in the present era given the fast changing technologies in this field. This calls for equivalent changes in Academia to cope with the changes. Electronics serves as the foundation for Information Technology and Computer Engineering.
Our Department has a history of about 13 years abound with innovation and creativity in teaching, learning and research. The faculty are a good blend of experienced and young qualified faculty members. The vision of the department is to To achieve excellence in education and research for developing globally competent, ethically sound electronics & communication engineers
This is achieved by imparting in depth theoretical knowledge during the lectures followed by hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories. The department is also offering activities required to groom the budding engineers professionally through an active IEEE Student Branch, Department Association and various Clubs. All this is made possible by the qualified and experienced faculty members of the department.
The Department offers B.E degree alongwith Ph.D. in areas of Communication, Image Processing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and other specific niche areas using Machine learning and AI. We also have well equipped and sophisticated Labs in embedded systems and VLSI, communication engineering, Internet of Things etc. Presently, several research projects are under way in the Department. Having undergone such a robust academic programme under the supervision of highest quality faculty members, I am sure that all passing out students of the department are capable of serving the country well by handling big projects in industry and research organizations in their respective field of interest and serve the society with all the 6 core values of the institute imbibed.
We have MOU’s with Industry and would like to invite Industry, PSUs and other research organizations to enter into collaborative research with the Department to fulfill mutual needs.
I am confident that the staff members and students would satisfy the responsibility and credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective domains. Good luck to all
Prof. Vinaykumar R. Bagali
Head of the Department

Courses Offered

Sl. NoCourseLevelSanctioned Intake
1Electronics & Communication Engineering
Under Graduate180
2Recognized as Research Center under VTUPh.DNA

Vision & Mission

“To achieve excellence in education and research for developing globally competent, ethically sound Electronics & Communication Engineers”.

  • To provide a conducive environment for learning through structured student centric, teaching-learning process
  • To nurture needs of society by infusing scientific temper in students and to grow as a centre of excellence with efficient industry-institute interaction
  • To inculcate self learning skills, entrepreneurial ability and professional ethics

Graduates will be able to:

PEO1 : Contemplate real-time social problems and deliver efficient solutions.

PEO2 : Lead and succeed in professional careers.

PEO3 : Contribute through research and entrepreneurship.

Graduates in the UG program in Electronics and communication engineering will be able to:

  • Design, verify and develop analog and digital systems by using state of art technology to contribute to the societal needs.
  • Apply the knowledge in various domains of IoT, real time systems, communication  systems, VLSI and embedded systems, image and signal processing using hardware and software tools.



Department of Eletronics & Communication

Prof. Vinayakumar R. Bagali

Assistant Professor & HOD

Dr. Krupa. R. Rasane


Dr. H.P.Rajni


Dr. Rajashekhargouda Patil

Professor & Dean Academics

Dr. Praveen Y. Chitti

Professor, Dean Examination & VTU Affairs

Dr. Salma S. Shahapur

Associate Professor

Prof. Gajanan P Kadam


Prof.Basavaraj Chougula

Assistant Professor

Prof. M. Saritha

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shivanand B Channi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shivanand B Hugar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Ravikumar M Kalmath

Assistant Professor

Prof. Satish Shinde

Assistant Professor

Prof. Deepali V Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Ashwini Araballi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shahak Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Ravindra M. Sulebhavi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Keshav Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Kavita Ajaykumar Kadli

Assistant Professor

Prof. Komal G Wajantri

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sahana Devali

Assistant Professor

Technical Staff

Mr. Vijay B Uchagaonkar


Mr. Sandeep M Patil


Mr. Kalmesh Hottinavar


Mr. Mallikarjun B. Naik



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