Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The department has been imparting quality education at undergraduate and post graduate level. The faculty members have been active in teaching and research activities. Add on courses are being conducted in addition to the regular curriculum, so as to keep abreast with the latest developments and emerging technologies. Various departmental laboratories have been provided with state of art equipment.

Courses Offered

Sl. NoCourseLevelSanctioned Intake
1Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Under Graduate60
2Recognized as Research Center under VTUPh.DNA

Vision & Mission

  • To create technocrats with moral values in the field of electrical sciences
  • To impart quality technical education for creating competent technocrats with moral values in the field of Electrical Sciences to contribute for the betterment of the society.

We facilitate students to

  • Develop ability of comprehensive understanding of state of the art, knowledge in electrical engineering concepts.
  • Take up research and develop expertise in the field of electrical engineering with holistic approach for contributing to nation building.
  • Ingrain the sense of creative thinking, participation and team work.
  • PEO1: To prepare students with good foundation in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals required to comprehend, analyze, formulate solutions for real life engineering problems and facilitate them to pursue higher studies and /or to find entry level position in industries.
  • PEO2: To inculcate effective communication skills, leadership, team work, multidisciplinary approach, and an ability to provide engineering solutions in a broader societal context.
  • PEO3: Graduates will be professionally competent, imbibed with ethical codes and guidelines that encourages lifelong learning.

The students will be able to

  • PSO1: Apply principles of engineering, electronics and computer science; physics, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics (including differential equations, discrete mathematics, linear algebra and complex variables) and laboratory skills for building, testing, operation and maintenance of high currents electrical systems, such as, electrical machines, power and energy systems.
  • PSO2: Model, analyse, design, and realize physical systems, components or processes related to high current electrical engineering systems.
  • PSO3: Work professionally in power systems engineering, control systems engineering and software industries.


Department of Electricals & Electronics Engineering

Dr. G. H. Kulkarni

Professor & HOD

Dr. Debraj Sarkar

Associate Professor

Prof. Nagaraj R. Aiholli

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vinod S Patil

Assistant Professor

Prof. Shubha B Baravani

Assistant Professor

Prof. Laxmi Brungi

Assistant Professor

Prof. Vireshkumar G Mathad

Assistant Professor

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The department is also equipped with the latest experimental and computational facilities for taking up R&D and consultancy activities in different areas of electrical engineering.

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