To mark a new chapter in the life of the students, an induction program was conducted on 13thMarch , 2024 at Jain College of Engineering,Belagavi for Post Graduation Programme in Computer Applications(MCA) 1st year students, to familiarize them with our institution’s structure, framework and campus.
To make the beginning a blessed one, Goddess Saraswati was invoked by lighting thelamp of knowledge and wisdom accompanied by a prayer song by the 2nd year students Miss. Indrayani Patil and Miss. Lakshmi Bhandari It was followed by awelcome speech by Dr. Poorna Chandra S, Associate Professor, Dept. of MCA. The chief guest was introduced to the audience by Dr. Praveen S Banasode, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of MCA. Then the chief guest Dr. S B Hegde was called upon to address the audience wherein he encouraged the students with an inspiringspeechon Leadership qualities, Problem solving skills, formal communication, team work, adaptability, flexibility and Time management . And the Presidential remarks were given by Principal & Director Dr. J Shivakumar. And, the event was concluded by Dr. Sanjeev Sangami with a vote of thanks speech.