On the eve of National Energy Conservation day Jain College of Engineering, took a pledge to give awareness program at nearby schools, and all the department coordinators are actively participated in the program, each department had chosen one school and completed the program.
Our students briefed about the following points in the awareness program, along with this all the teachers of that school undergone through Energy Literacy Training (ELT) certificate course.

Environmental Impact:
Energy conservation directly contributes to reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of energy production. By using energy more efficiently, we can decrease harmful emissions and help combat climate change.
Resource Preservation:
Our planet’s finite resources are under constant pressure. Conserving energy means using resources wisely, ensuring a more balanced and sustainable use of non-renewable fuels and materials.
Economic Benefits:
Energy conservation not only protects the environment but also offers economic advantages. Businesses and individuals can save on energy costs, leading to financial savings and improved economic sustainability.
This program started from 27th December and many Govt. schools are covered and Head Master of the school has appreciated the effort of our students and shown kind gesture with appreciation letter to the college.