Date : 10/11/2023
Venue : A-002
Organised by: Meraki-The Fine Arts Club
Number of Participants: 35 Attendees
Duration : 03 hours

Objective Of The Activity/Event :-
DiyaThese are small oil lamps made of clay. Lighting Diyas during Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. It holds cultural and spiritual significance, fostering a sense of positivity and hope. AakashKandil. They symbolize the release of negativity and the ascent of one’s hopes and dreams. It adds a visually stunning element to the celebration and reinforces the theme of light dispelling darkness.These elements collectively contribute to the cultural and spiritual richness of Diwali, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.
Student Co-ordinators:-
1. Aishwarya R Walvekar-5thSem ECE dept
2. Saish R Karambalkar- 7thSem ECE dept
Faculty Co-ordinators:-
1. Prof. DeepaliPatil
2. Prof. PriyankaShinde
Meraki-The Fine Arts Club organized an event celebrating DEEPOSTAV EVENTthrough Kandil Making and diya decoration event. The Fine Arts Club organized vibrant events centered around the Diwali theme, featuring diverse artistic expressions. Members showcased intricate Rangoli designs, illuminated the venue with creative Diya decorations, and engaged in traditional art forms like mehndi application. The celebration fostered cultural exchange and artistic appreciation, reflecting the richness of Diwali traditions.