1. Name of Event: Hands on Training and Workshop on “Arduino UNO and its Applications”
2. Date: 1st Dec 2023
3. Venue: Divine Providence Convent High School, Belagavi
4. Organized by: “TEDx Club” – Student Engagement Cell
5. Number of Attendees: 60
6. Duration: 1 day
Objective of the Event:
To introduce high school students to Arduino UNO, fostering hands-on learning, developing STEM skills, promoting creativity, and preparing them for future technology-driven endeavors.
Faculty Coordinator:
Prof. Varsha Gokak (Event &SEC Coordinator)
Resource Person
Prof. VinayakumarBagali (TEDx Coordinator)
Prof. Basavaraj Chougula(Asst. Professor)

Summary of the Event:
In an engaging and educational initiative, the TEDx Club, under Student Engagement Cell (SEC), JCE Belagavi, organized a dynamic hands-on workshop tailored for high school students. The event, hosted at Divine Providence Convent High School Belagavi, was specifically designed to immerse participants in the realm of Arduino Uno microcontroller technology and its diverse applications.
The workshop, provided an invaluable opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the functionalities and capabilities of the Arduino Uno. The enthusiastic participation of high school students underscored their eagerness to delve into the fascinating world of electronics and programming.
Throughout the session, participants actively engaged with Arduino Uno boards, delving into various applications and projects under the guidance of Prof. VinayakumarBagali and Prof. Basavaraj Chougula.
By fostering a hands-on learning environment, the workshop aimed to cultivate a deeper understanding of technology and innovation among high school students. The event not only sparked curiosity but also empowered participants to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills in the context of Arduino Uno applications.
In conclusion, the TEDx Club, under Student Engagement Cell (SEC), JCE Belagavi, successfully organized a transformative workshop that not only introduced high school students to the intricacies of Arduino Uno but also ignited a passion for exploration and innovation in the realm of electronics.