The Independence Day celebrations at our institution were a vibrant and diverse display of unity in diversity. Students and staff came together dressed in an array of colorful attires representing various states of India, turning the event into a living tapestry of cultures. The campus was abuzz with excitement as everyone showcased their chosen state’s traditional clothing with pride. It was a powerful reminder of the rich heritage that binds our nation. The event not only celebrated our freedom but also highlighted the beauty of India’s cultural mosaic. Through this unique celebration, we reaffirmed our commitment to fostering harmony and respect for our nation’s remarkable diversity.
The student performances on Independence Day were nothing short of awe-inspiring. The stage came alive with their exceptional talents, as they sang patriotic songs, performed mesmerizing dances, and delivered heartfelt speeches that resonated with the spirit of our nation’s freedom. The dedication and effort put into each performance were evident, showcasing the students’ deep connection to our country’s history and values. Their performances stirred a sense of patriotism and pride among the audience, reminding us all of the sacrifices made for our independence. These young talents truly embodied the essence of unity and the unbreakable bond that ties us to our motherland.
Following are the details of the event
• Place: Near Flagpost and Sir M V Hall, JCE Belagavi
• Under the Banner of : Student Engagement Cell
• Number of Participants :50
• Duration: 1hour 10minutes

Event: Singing


Suzna Nimra


Shreya S Dappadhuli
Event: Dance


Vaishnavi Shrikant Bhat and teamSaili Chougule


Usha Vibhuti


Event: Skit


Mahesh Devagekar and team