Organized by: Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Jain College of Engineering (JCE), Belagavi, in association with ECHO

 Event Name:  Parents-Teachers Virtual meeting.

 Mode of Conduct: Online

 Date: 15th August 2022

Number of participants attended: 56

Objective of the event:

  1. To bring them together to exchange views and ideas regarding the program
  2. To help them realize their respective roles in promoting integrated education
  3. To seek their co-operation and involvement in the integrated education program

Outcome of the Program:

  1. The intervention encouraged parents to spend more time assisting their children and monitoring their college work.
  2. The treatment effects are robust across parental, teacher, and college-level characteristics, and the findings indicate that programs for stimulating parent–teacher interactions are cost-effective, easy to implement, and easy to scale up.