Organized by: Department of Civil Engineering

Venue: Closed Auditorium

Date: 26th February 2022

A session on “Scope of Service Learning in Higher Education in Indian Context” was organized by Dept. of Civil engineering in association with Institutions Innovation council on 26th Feb. in Closed Auditorium of JCE.

Objectives of the Event:

  • To provide guidance on the use of service-learning within higher education
  • To give information that service-learning is compatible with and complementary to most educational objectives and standards, both general and discipline-specific.
  • Service-learning typically fosters an enhanced awareness of community resources, extending what students learn in the classroom to real-world settings

Resource persons: Prof. Surendra Bandi, Associate Professor at HITAM, Hyderabad- Telangana


Event Coordinators: Prof. Varsha Gokak, Prof. Fateali and Prof. Shreetej Gurjar under the guidance of Dr. Sanjeev Sangami

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Students are likely to benefit from service-learning through improved motivation, enhanced knowledge, and better learning outcomes.
  2. It was learnt that service-learning can effectively integrate three major missions of the university: teaching, research, and service