Organized by: Department of MBA
Name: Workshop on Business Model Canvas.
Venue: MBA Class Room 302.
Date: 6th April 2022 Timing : 11 AM onwards

Workshop on Business Model Campus will be organized by Department of MBA in association with JCE’s Institutions Innovation Council.

Objective of the Event: To encourage the students to take up Entrepreneurship and to make to make them aware of the Business Model Canvas and the components/ Elements of the model which includes the following as mentioned below:
• Identify your specific audience.
• Establish business processes.
• Record key business resources.
• Develop a strong value proposition.
• Determine key business partners.
• Create a demand generation strategy.
• Leave room for innovation.

Resource Person: Mr. Rajat Pattepur ( Engineering Analyst at Infosys Limited) and Proprietor at Gururaj Healthfoods .
Coordinator : Dr. S Rohitraj , HOD- MBA Department.

Expected Outcomes: To make our students understand the importance of Business Model Canvas. Of all of the start-up tools out there, the Business Model Canvas is one of the most well- known and relied-upon to help entrepreneurs transform an idea into an organized strategy and an actionable business plan. To create awareness regarding the Business Model Canvas to students which gives entrepreneurs a wide snapshot of every aspect of their business – everything from the value proposition and customer segments to operations and the financials. The tool itself, however, is no more complex than a series of nine boxes representing business segments drawn across one sheet of paper. A large part of its effectiveness is in its simplicity. The exercise forces owners to stay focused and concise as they map out their business according to each of the boxes to hone in on their business strategy and plan. At the end of the session students can implement the concept and try to be an entrepreneur.

Department feels proud to organize such events and would like to convey thanks to our Principal and Management for their support and cooperation extended to us.