Organized by: Student Engagement Cell

 Event Name:  73rd Republic Day Celebrations

 Mode of Conduct: Offline

 Date: 26th January 2022                From: 8:30 am to 9:30 am

Number of participants attended: 20

Objectives of the Event:

To celebrate Republic day

Program Flow:

  1. Speech & Introduction by Prof. Amritkumar Tupsoundarya
  2. Flag Hoisting by Principal Dr. J. Shivakumar
  3. National Anthem
  4. Address by Principal Dr. J. Shivakumar
  5. Certificates awarded to students for developing College leave management system and to students who medals at swimming competitions.
  6. Student’s Cultural Program
  7. i) Speech by Miss Bhoomika Kadabi
  8. ii) Dance performance by Miss Shruti Jamanees

iii) Song by Miss Shreya Sutar

  1. iv) Musical Band by Mr Shalem and group