A debate competition on the topic national education policy 2020 were organised by the orators club of Jain College of engineering on the 17th of December 2022 . The main objective of conducting this event was to bring the critical thinking ability amongst the students and the better understanding of the topics, to check the increased retention Amongst the students,  the team bonding and collaboration and also to motivate to research and learn about the topic.

A total of 16 students participated in the event coming from various departments of engineering and a best team was awarded as the winner team along with 4 best speakers was also awarded.

Winner Team

  1. Aniket Patil – 4th year ph: 7090513151
  2. Bhoomika Kadabi – 4th year ph: 9353470614
  3. Shriya Deshpande – 4th year ph – 9036891042
  4. Anjumabegum B. – 4th year ph – 7353186980

Best Speakers

  1. Ajinkya Jadhav – 2nd year ph- 9113673579
  2. Avishkar D. Y – 1st year ph – 9964061632
  3. Aarya S. G- 1st year                         ph – 9902045276
  4. Darshan Khot – 4th year ph– 8884591989