Event Date: 24/8/2021, Time 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

This free online event aimed to strengthening the North Karnataka Sub Section. It was conducted by the JCE IEEE Student Branch of Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi, in association with the North Karnataka Subsection. This training was aimed to benefit many new student branch officers. The objectives of this workshop was as follows
1. To understand the benefits of IEEE student membership and how it helps in their career front
2. To understand and train on IEEE vTools Officer Reporting platform.
3. To enhance our knowledge on IEEE SIGHT.
4. To answer all queries w.r.t Student Branch activities.
5. To give Certificate of Participation which will help train the new office bearers of 2022.

We had participants from 21 colleges, 78 registration were made and about 58 IEEE student members and faculty attended the event.

Eminent Trainers from Bangalore Section conducted the event.
1. Topic: IEEE and it’s benefits / membership
by D.N.Sujata (Professor, Department of ECE, BMS College Bangaluru).
2. Topic: IEEE SIGHT
by Dr. Abhishek Appaji (Finance Committee & Budget Committee, Emerging/Humanitarian Techno;ogies Committee, Chapter & Sub-section Co-ordination, ECIM, Conferences TCS Committee)
3. Topic: vTools Training
by Dr. Srikant Tangade (Joint Secretary ) / Mentor- MDC