• Name of the Activity: Innovative Idea Poster Exhibition
  • Date: 22/02/2023
  • Place:All Departments, JCE Belagavi
  • Under the Banner of: JCE-Yukti Cell
  • Number of Participants:More than 100posters
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Objective of the Event / Activity:
  1. To provide a platform and a competitive environment for the JCE Students to come up with and showcase their innovative ideas.
  2. To bring out the ideas which can be developed to the level of patenting.

 Outcome of the Program:

More than 100 participants presented their innovative ideas through a poster in the exhibition and two winners were shortlisted for First and the second prize from each department. Also the allotment of the mentors was done to the winning participants so that they are supported by the mentors for the implementation of their ideas.