Organized by:Department of Mechanical Engineering

Event Name: Poster Presentation on Biology for Engineers
Mode of Conduct:Offline – B 305 (Design Lab)

Date: 26th Aug 2023

About Event

Introduce the relevance of biology in the field of engineering: The objective is to highlight how biological concepts and principles can be applied in engineering to solve problems, design new technologies, and improve existing systems. This can help engineers understand the potential applications of biology in their work and broaden their scope of knowledge.To nurture the art of creativity and patent the innovative ideas
Showcase interdisciplinary collaboration: The objective is to demonstrate how engineers can collaborate with biologists and other experts in the life sciences to develop innovative solutions. The poster presentation can illustrate successful collaborations and highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary teamwork.
Raise awareness about ethical and sustainable practices in bioengineering: The objective is to address ethical considerations and sustainability challenges associated with integrating biology into engineering projects. The poster presentation should highlight the importance of conducting responsible research, considering the potential social and environmental impacts, and implementing ethical frameworks in bioengineering practices.

Resource Person – Prof. Shivanand H Bhagavati, HOD, KLS’s VVP