Organized by: Research and Development Cell in Association with Institute Innovation Council

Event Name: Release of Compendium of JCE Avinya-2024 Project Exhibition and Workshop on “A Role of Patents in Innovation and Sustainable Development ”
Mode of Conduct: Offline

Date: 21/05/2024, From: 10.30AM to 05.30PM

Avinya-2024 annual Project Exhibition and Kagada-2024 annual project poster presentation was organised by Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi on 27th April 2024 in which 124 projects were being exhibited. Among these 17 projects are being sponsored by KSCST in Student Project Programme scheme and two are sponsored by MSME. One of the projects has already been published in the Indian Patents Journal whereas 15 projects have submitted the papers for publication in reputed journals and they are under review. The judges for the event are Dr. Ganesh R. Chate from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Dr. Arun Tigadi from KLE MS Sheshagiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi, Er. Nadeem Sanadi, Asst. Manager (Project) at Gammon India Ltd and Assistant Engineer- Belagavi Smart City Ltd., Mr. Raghavendra Patil, Marketing Platform Auto Analyst at Accenture Mumbai, Mr. Rahul G. Suryavanshi from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Dr. Sunita S. Padmannavar from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi. Winners for the event from each department were awarded a trophy and a cash prize. Dr. Anand Hosamani – Convenor -Avinya-2024, Dr. Rajashekhargouda . C. Patil – Dean Academics and Dr. J. Shivakumar – Principal and Director, JCE distributed the prizes.

Number of participants attended: 16

Objectives of the Event:
The workshop aims to educate participants on the fundamentals of patent law, including the process of obtaining patents and their significance in protecting intellectual property. It seeks to equip attendees with practical skills for drafting patent applications and navigating legal challenges, fostering a culture of innovation and ensuring effective protection of inventions.
Expected Outcomes:
Participants gained insights into patent laws and strategies for protecting intellectual property, fostering innovation and safeguarding inventions.