Organized by:Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Event Name: Road to success – Rigorous workshop on full stack development

Mode of Conduct:Online (CAED Lab)

Date: 10th July 2023

About Event

The workshop on ‘Road to Success: Rigorous workshop on Fullstack development” was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with Be Practical Tech Solutions, Hubli.

Mr. Rahul, Trainer, Be Practical Tech Solutions was the speaker for the event. The trainer explained about how build to a calculator using HTML, CSS and JavaScript using Visual Code as an editor. The workshop aimed to provide attendees with a hands-on experience in developing a basic web application while learning fundamental concepts of front-end and back-end development.

The workshop began with an overview of the essential tools and technologies required for the project. Participants were encouraged to have Visual Studio Code installed on their machines along with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.The trainer started by explaining the structure of a web page using HTML, emphasizing the importance of semantic elements and proper organization. Attendees were guided through the creation of the calculator’s user interface using HTML tags such as `<div>`, `<input>`, and `<button>`. They were taught to structure the layout using CSS, applying styles and positioning elements for a visually appealing design.Throughout the workshop, the instructor emphasized best practices in coding, including the use of meaningful variable names, modular code structure, and comments for clarity. Students were encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification whenever needed, fostering an interactive learning environment.

By the end of the workshop, participants had successfully built a functional calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They gained hands-on experience in front-end web development, learned essential programming concepts, and acquired the skills to continue exploring and expanding their knowledge in full-stack development.

Dr. J. Shivakumar, Principal & Director of JCE Belagavi encouraged us to conduct more of such events. Dr. Basavaraj V. Hubballi, HOD – Mechanical Dept. of JCE encouraged students to engage themselves in the value added courses which the department regularly offers. Mahindra Ginimav, Academic Manager, Vinay Habib, BDO and few students of Be Practical Tech Solutions were present.Faculty coordinators Prof. Darshan Katgeri and Prof. Vinayak Ratan assisted students in the workshop.