Organized by:Department of Mechanical Engineering

Event Name: Autodesk Fusion CAM and 3D Printing
Mode of Conduct:Offline (CAED Lab and B-303)

Date: 1st to 3rd July 2024

About Event

The FDP is aimed at strengthening and expanding the faculty members’ expertise in the Autodesk software so that they could provide meaningful support to their students. The session covers the various modules of software with hands-on training which enabled participants to create 3D models of parts and assemble them in Autodesk Fusion 360. It was conducted in Association with Tech Mantra and Autodesk.

Program Objectives:
The objectives of FDP are;
Getting Started with CAM, it will take users from the very basics of turning, milling and additive manufacturing, through the process of a CAM setup, creating tool paths, and generating the G-code. To create a basic part while learning about design intent as well as design for manufactures (DFM).

Program Outcomes:
The expected outcomes include;
 Master trainers will train their colleagues on peer learning concepts.
 Faculty proficiency in AutoDesk Fusion 360 CAM.
 Integration with the curriculum, effective teaching, student engagement, innovative projects, interdisciplinary collaboration.
 Strong assessment skills, and a focus on sustainability and diversity in design and engineering.