Name of the Event: “Virtual Alumni Meet”
Date/Place: 12 – 08 – 2023 / Virtual Meet.
Under the Banner of: ASP (Association of Software Professionals)
Objective of the Event: To interact with alumni and know their current status.
Program Flow:
Prof. Rajendra Jotawar took the liberty to initiate the meet, followed by HOD-MCA Dr. Vidya Dandagi and other faculties respectively. In the end, JCE Principal addressed the gathering and discussed about the “Alumni Association”, the Vision-Mission of the institution and finally, took feedbacks from the alumni and ended the session.
Outcome of the Program:
Alumni were happy to participate in the virtual meet but they were more interested into an offline meet and Principal promised to have that next meeting will be an offline meet.

List of all the Participants:
All the Alumni were from 2022 pass-out batch: Sammed M, Jyoti M, Pratik M and Satyamedha Hosur.

Feedback from the Participants:
•offline Meet.
•Teach latest technologies out of syllabus.
• Awareness program for the students.
• If offline meeting is to be conducted, information should be shared before one week atleast.