Those were the days during academic year 2019-20, where buses were carrying students to campus, the series of lectures were going on in the campus. The campus was full of colorful students. College life was full on with beautiful memories and fun filled days. Life was going smoothly.

Suddenly one fine day a storm of pandemic collapsed the world and destroyed livelihood of people of mother earth. It had a mad drastic impact oneverybody’s life.

And suddenly buses were stopped,canteens were closed, and finally the college gate was locked.

At this time, we the department of CS&E, Jain College of engineering, Belagavi came up with “WFH Fiesta” under the organization of FACE with the motto of cheering students. On 14th&15th June 2021 We conducted following events;

  • Art gallery: where students came up with their creativity.
  • Debate: where students had healthy discussions on current situations.
  • Games:  where students had an opportunity in competing some mobile games.
  • Talent show: where the bunch of great hidden talents of our students came out.

These events traversed through every student’s mind & brought positive vibes.

Finally all the students and faculties supported & actively participated in all the events and made the events successful.